Welcome To Educounsellors

About Us

It’s our pleasure to introduce ourselves on the banner of Shivaya Edu World Pvt. Ltd, which has a prospect of well experienced counselors serving to the industry since 14 years by joining hands with 1000+colleges and universities for providing counseling and admission opportunities to 10000+ students. Having a thought to spread genuine guideline towards students and parents, Our team moves on its path carrying huge number of counseling team to cover its territories for providing huge number of students from one platform.

We are thanking for having such cooperation from our associated Institutions and the attentions of those students and parents, who really have ambition to pursue their higher education in best institutions within India and abroad through our banner. As of now, almost the education counselors are doing their job in their own benefit, but we really want to transform the industry in such model where the students will get best subjective counseling on their desirable courses from our valued counselors without losing their time and money. It is promised that we always have a familiar environment and transparency regarding your career making activities throughout your entire study period. We really want to shake hand with you to make your future distinct and dynamical.

Affiliation & Approval

Shivaya Edu World Pvt.Ltd. has been properly registered in Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (MCA) under the sub-section (2) of section-7 of the companies Act, 2013 & rule of 18 of the (incorporation) rules, 2014 by having its registration no: 332393 to conduct its services within India and Abroad.

Vision & Mission

We frequently offer the following acts or services to guide our valued students and parents in their dreaming courses and destinations:

  • Conducting the education seminars and spot admission programs to facilitate students for awareness and accessibilities.
  • Having the relation with huge number of institutions in India and abroad to counsel, admit and settlement.
  • Attending several education fairs to provide genuine subjective counseling and do processing for their desired courses in respective Institutions.
  • Having huge numbers of counselors forum to undertake the responsibility towards students counseling, admission and settlement in their preferred destination.
  • Providing the best service during the academic year of students as per their guardian’s norms such as regular monitoring, prick and drop facilities, safety and security, result management etc.
  • Honoring direct enrollment process in particular course and institutions without having any middle persons or agencies.
  • Awarding up to 100 percent scholarship on merit basis as per the courses provided by some Institutions.
Eucounsellors.org (Dream Project)

After spending a decade in education counseling industry, a thought became placed on our mind that the transformation and huge upgrade is required in counseling and admission criteria. So, this year (especially in 2018 intake) we proudly announce a very new, dynamic and up bringing project called “Direct Admission” in private Colleges and Universities under the banner of educounsellors.org. It is also approved by several prestigious Private Institutions in all across India. In which, millions of students and parents shall be benefitted to approach over thousand plus Institutions directly from their mobile phone and computers. No middleman or agencies needed to enroll them and your vision towards your carrier prospects.

EDUCOUNSELLORS.ORG has its unique feature to grant all the access to students, Counsellors and Academic institutions for operating their act which will reduce the time consumtion s and the saving of expenditure regarding promotion of Institution such as Marketing, Advertising and other digital marketings, Students Service charge, and Counsellor’s activities in real market as well.

EDUCOUNSELLORS.ORG it also grant its dreamed thought to provide direct admission in Student’s desired courses in particular academic institutions where the student has to log in through our server and fulfill application and documentation procedure. After submitting the form, student will get auto-generated provisional admission letter from our site on behalf of our associated institutions. Then student will have final invitation letter from particular Institution in their mail box as quickly as possible.

On this behalf, we have selected best counselors on your city to guide you for completing your admission procedure otherwise you can follow our website or mobile app for reaching us directly. We have hundred plus various institutions as our associated partners to allow you to pursue your higher education in respective discipline. We hope that you will have better experience regarding your future prospects. Best of Luck.