Pricing and Refund Policy


To use our Digital Services, we have some pricing criteria which are as followed:.

For Student

  • General searching and enquiries: Free of Cost.
  • Online Admission Processing Fee (Indian & Nepalese Citizen): Rs. 2,360/- (Including 18% GST)
  • Online Admission Processing Fee (Foreign Citizen): USD $ 500/- (Including 18% GST)
  • MBBS study processing in Abroad: USD $ 500/- (Including 18% GST)
  • Abroad Study Processing Fee: USD $ 500/- (Including 18% GST)
  • Immigration & Investment Visa Processing: USD $ 1000/- (Including 18% GST)

For Counsellor/Agent:

To be an authorized Counsellor or Agent of Educounsellors, candidate must pay the membership fee of Rs. 10000/- (Ten Thousand Only) plus 18% GST. They will be provided User ID & Password along with the ID Number & card of Educounsellors to initiate admission process of the students.

For Colleges & University:

To participate in daas – 2020, Every member institution shall be charged minimum of Rupees 15,000/- (Fifteen Thousand Only) plus 18% GST extra. The membership charge may vary based on the different plans.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

  • Counselling fee is not refundable once you complete admission process.
  • For Abroad study & Immigration, 50 % of application fee can be refunded if the process got rejected by the concern authority.
  • Membership fee shall not be refunded once you complete the application and start using our services for counsellor/Agent.
  • Institutional membership fee towards daas – 2020 will have a clause to get refund the membership fees according to the MoU signed between both the parties.