We have decided to broadcast TVs ads and TVs scrolling in some renowned news channels, sports channels and some entertainment channels to cover such audience to acknowledge them about & its deram project 'Direct Admission' Gateway and attract them to refer our web portal and app in regular use. This medium will be continued in all major cities of India & Nepal for minimum 3 months of the current academic intake in India.


As per the current scenario, we have design most preferred medium to publicize on digital & Social Medias. This media holds around 90% of student’s interest where the value and achievement of boost new height. These are as follow.


  1. Facebook Ads                                    -           Covering 7 crores of People within India & Nepal
  2. What’s app                                         -           All time circulation
  3. Google Ads                                         -          As per the approached locations.
  4. YouTube Ads                                      -           2 Months (July & August)
  5. Twitter & Instagram                            -           All time circulation